Hello Brides,

My name is Clara and I’m here to share with our Brides and Brides to be, my journey of becoming a Bossina Bride, while owning a bridal boutique during COVID season.

This post will be the first of a Five blog series, that I will release every Friday until end of August.

Saying Yes to the Perfect Dress

The truth is, this was NOT the dress my mother and I originally designed for me. We designed a stunning gown that was supposed to be manufactured overseas, November of 2019. The factory went ahead and sourced the fabric and then began design production, but stopped during January-February because of COVID-19.

I knew that my dream dress in the hands of a COVID manifested world was scarce – so how did I end up with this magnificent piece of art?

While in fact, saying Yes to the First Dress happens a lot, this did not happen to me. Our Boutique has an inventory of at least 300 wedding dresses but NO I did not try all of them. I tried on a few at our store, and some local stores, about 5 or 6 but was never wowed. Something was always missing, or needed some design adjustments.

As you all know my mother Bossina had been designing for almost 30 years. The pressure on her was so REAL. Everyone was waiting to see what she will design for her one and only daughter, herself, the bridal party etc.
Little did we know that the dress I wore to my wedding, was the first of her newest 2020 Spring Bridal Collection and it was the only one that made it to our store before factories were closed for COVID.

You guys, I COULD NOT RESIST. I put this dress on, and I said the phrase we live to hear, literally.

” OMG, I love this dress ” I felt incredible. I felt like a bride for the very first time. I told my mom, even if my custom designed does come in, I want this one.

This post is mainly about trusting your gut. My gut told me this was it.

These pictures were taken the day I tried on the dress for fun. This is me in the dress that was not completely finished, still untouched and unaltered. I had no intention on saying Yes. Matter of fact my mom was already consulting with three other manufacturers to produce my designed gown
(I will release the sketches of the original dress during this series, stay tuned)

My message to Brides:

Saying yes can be hard, but trust your gut. Believe in your confidence and don’t let anyone else influence your decision. I know there are others that may be involved in your ” Saying Yes” process but YOU are the only one wearing this dress.

And lastly, brides, if you ever utter these words “I love it” just know that this is the dress you’ll compare EVERY dress to. You’ll find yourself starring at pictures of it, and referring back to it over and over again as you try on others.

Save yourself the trouble and just ‘Say Yes’


The Corona Bride